Money = Energy

It helps us move around. But is also used as a tool to enslave minds and destroy the earth.

Free yourself! And then use the money-tool the best way possible for humanity.

How much do we charge for a webpage?

Our fees range from FREE to lots of money.

If you are interested in our help to build a website, contact us! If you only have a small amount of money and are doing a nice project we can probably work a deal. We are idealist but also need to eat (during the time of year when we don't grow our own veggies) ;) So if you are running a company that generates income we will want to charge you for our work.

The domain-registration and webspace for a year costs around 50euros (give or take). This is not money that WE get, but what it costs to get the site online.

To get a feeling of what we usually charge our paying customers, its usually between 250-2000 euros depending on the size of the webpage and your needs (our time).